Little Chefs, Egg Salad and more Crepes!

With everything going and all the concern, something we can agree on is, sharing healthy food is a good idea. We have a lot of power together. This was our focus. Willa shared a story she read at school about sharing food.

It was an early day out of school so we got some extra time together. We painted some used wooden boards. Something to brighten and decorate our kids kitchen with, which is next to a garden.


The more good stuff we create together, the better.

We were scheduled to make egg salad yesterday, which is really simple, but today was more about working together, which we do really well together. We decided we should also make crepes. We almost went for meringues, but ran out of time. I promised we’ll do a meringue day with all kinds of flavors of meringues.

Not much different from our last class, but this time we had Willa’s master crepe skills. She showed us the way of perfect crepes.



We were so impressed with that little perfect circle! We made a fresh jelly, with pomegranate juice and kiwis for the crepes. Little Immy wanted her crepe with lemon and sugar. I told Willa, “I don’t have time to cook the lemon and sugar into a jelly.”

“Kali! You’re over thinking it! She just wants some lemon juice with sugar!” said Willa.

That was awesome, and she was right. Immy loved dipping her crepe into the juice.

In the end, we gathered together in the kiwi gazebo and celebrated our food.


We made a couple containers of egg salad to share with teachers at school. They love getting our little treats.

Next week, we plan to make pomegranate molasses as well as apple sauce. We’re using fresh, local, organic, apples and pomegranates from Etheridge Farms. It’s a lot of work doing it from scratch, but we’ll do it together! The pomegranate molasses will be used for a later class when we make FesenJan with Heather Tehrani.


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