Seasonal Sipping Broths

Over the past few months one of my many local food offerings has been my Therapeutic, Gourmet, Sipping Broth. I’ve been inspired to create different flavors of vegetable broths, that you can drink cold or warm, or flavor your own soups, stews, chilis, or stir fried veggies.

It’s been a long and challenging journey to birth this one for so many reasons. It didn’t come out of me saying one day, “I want to make various flavored vegetable broths as a drink to sell”. It happened in the most interesting way. The way I choose flavors, is something that became a part of me over the years, from buying vegetables directly.



After a year of a tough and painful healing journey for my son, and myself, one of the things that came out of all of it, is this drink. I really looked at what I could drink that would provide me with the nutrients my body was asking for. I researched like crazy, experimented, cooked, listened to the answers that were coming to me, looking for the healing I needed. While, spending every day helping my son through his challenges, which lead us to a Chiropractor that changed our lives.

I had to break away from drinking organic yerba mate cold teas. I thought it was harmless, and I still don’t know if what I went through had to do with too much mate, or the root canal that was done wrong 5 years ago, and was recently pulled out.

I made a vegetable broth with medicinal mushrooms, turmeric, and other medicinal spices and herbs. As soon as I posted the broth on instagram, and had some epiphany’s, I stopped posting soup and foraging pictures for a while. I began sharing and selling the broth one on one. I noticed that Women are especially excited about it. Men like it too, but Women are grabbing at it like it’s the very thing their body has been craving, ready to absorb it in every cell of their sweet beings.

Many large organic suppliers aren’t fully trusted as much as small organic farms. When it comes to a fully integral food product, I want it sourced from the farms that I love, directly! This is a challenge for other large food suppliers, but I can get into that later.

The broth is such a great flavor, I love drinking it cold or warm. It’s great to flavor vegetables soups, stews, chilis, stir fried veggies….

My life has guided me to this piece of art in a way I couldn’t have dreamed up. It’s been a wild and dynamic journey.

For years I have walked down the super market shelves frustrated that most, if not all large food suppliers are using the same ingredients all the time. That doesn’t fit into supporting small, local, farms and eating in season. I was also frustrated with the amount of coconut drinks, and maca, when there are so many medicinal foods we have that grow here! Fresh herbs from small farmers, medicinal mushrooms harvested in California, and even simmering onion skins are said to be medicinal.

I’m keeping my other flavors secret for now. Just know that I’m really imaginative, and highly committed to the sources I choose, which makes it a big challenge, that will be really worth it.



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