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My mission is to support organic and biodynamic farms, especially smaller farms. I believe that is one of the ways we can end hunger, which has always been my goal. The more small farms we have, who are growing the healthiest food from their heart, the healthier our planet will be, and the more we can share and spread healthy food for all.

Topanga Canyon is a magical place, like a portal to another world just outside of Los Angeles. I grew up in Tarzana, looking up at the mountains around Topanga Canyon, wishing to know what wonders lay within. I wanted to be close to the creek, hear the frogs in the morning, commune with the trees and the wildlife, and raise my son in that environment.


My stepdad was a doctor, and my mother is a clairvoyant and pranic healer. So health mattered in my home. I was raised to understand that food is medicine as much as it is sustenance. We had chickens and ducks, and I knew from an early age that the vegetables fresh from our garden were way sweeter than candy.


I was 21 when my son Zane was born. I started a hypnotherapy practice, and we found our way up into Topanga. I was living in my dream environment, but at that time there was a problem: it was impossible to get organic food in Topanga! So I started a Farm Box company. I forged relationships with farmers all over the region and started a service that would bring their organically farmed products to the people of Topanga and the surrounding area.


When all of the farm boxes for the week were delivered, I found myself with a surplus of both unique and beautiful vegetables, and immense creative energy. As the saying goes, “When life hands you celeriac and yams, make soup!” (or something like that). So the Soup Sorceress came into being.


Making soup is a creative and restorative process that requires imagination, positive intention, and a real mystical connection to the ingredients. The challenge was to make something healthy and delicious using only what was left from that week’s boxes, then hit the farmer’s market and find that ideal ingredient to complete the recipe. I’ve always found that these limitations really spur my creativity.


Each batch of Soup Sorceress soups, stocks, and broths is made with local, organic, magical ingredients and infused with love, imagination, and positive, healing, Topanga magic.


Soup Sorceress creations can currently be found at Mimosa Cafe in Topanga, Erewhon Market in Calabasas, and the Country Natural Store in Topanga. I also have soups for delivery through SavRaw. All of my soups are made of plant-based ingredients, but I do at times make delicious meat stews if the occasion calls for it. Please contact me for more information.


This blog is about my magical life and the soups it inspires. I’ll write about art, parenting, life, and gardening. Please check back often for new Soup Sorceress inspirations.