I’m Kali Star and my journey unraveled into Soup Sorceress over the years of challenges and growth. I used my imagination and inspiration to overcome them and make medicinal soups. When I say follow your stars, it’s like when people say is it a yes or a no, but it’s more like, navigating the direction in each moment, where you are inspired and guided towards.

To see my blog story on some of the moments that led to Soup Sorceress, click here.

I’m a Pescatarian who believes in the healing power of vegetables and herbs. The more plants the better. I used to make incredible meat stews, but that all sort of died off of me. I didn’t want it anymore. All my products are vegan, so anyone can enjoy them.

Before I started in the food biz, I had a Hypnotherapy career. I mainly worked with Actors, since that’s what I grew up being all about.

I really believe that if we change the way we’re doing things in the food industry, and support local, small, organic farms, that it will have a huge impact on our world- it can truly change everything. We would be more connected as humans, and our earth would return to health. Everyone should have access to healthy food. 

Imagine if we had more small farms growing everywhere, that care about the health of the soil, the plants, the earth. Imagine if everyone was fed well, and had an abundance of organic food.

We don’t have to do away with Super Markets and only live off our own land- although that’s great if you can do so. We can still have the convenience of Super Markets, we just need to change the way we are making, growing and distributing food products in order to be more sustainable, and the way to do that is by not having the same ingredients in every batch, ingredients which are not meant to be grown year-round.

In my 10 years of working with small, organic farms through my CSA Earth Matterz, I learned to be really flexible and work with their available products rather than try to get what I wanted from them. I sort of look at it like a bad habit- where we expect certain ingredients to be available year-round, but the more sustainable way is to work with what the farm already has available. I ask them what the needs of the farm are, and then I create my recipe, not the other way around.  Farming is like a lesson for life. Why are we trying so hard to get what we want or force an outcome or result instead of asking how we can best be of support in the present moment? It’s simply unsustainable and not in the flow of the beauty of life to act otherwise.

I had to figure out how I was going to make this viable with a fully-formed food product like soup, since I needed to come up with the nutrition facts, manufacture the labeling, and meet all the other requirements. Over time and a lot of wild stories later, I figured it out. Now if a farmer doesn’t have carrots but they have too much zucchini, that’s what I’ll work with. I don’t have to rely on warehouses or shipping from out of state to meet my needs for the company, and it’s healthier to buy locally anyway. As far as I’ve seen, I’m the only company making and labeling broth and soup with nutrition facts, where the batch is different every time in order to support what’s locally in season.

We all have stories, emotions, and some of us feel like the cosmos and stars have some say in our lives too- which is also seasonal. I’ve found that the more connected I become to eating seasonally, the more my synchronicities in life become increasingly magical. I write stories about it on my blog. 

Thank you for being here. I care about this mission a whole lot.

*I have training in Acting, Hypnotherapy, and Psychic and Intuitive Studies, and grew up in the healing arts and on the stage. My meditation recordings are coming soon!