Fermented Turmeric~ Magic Sauce

Now Available!

Fermented Turmeric Magic Sauce!




Made with certified organic turmeric root.

Organic Black Pepper is also added.

It’s fermented in Mountain Valley Spring Water and Sea Salt from “real salt”.

In amber glass bottles.


Many people feel that taking turmeric each day is beneficial for their health. It’s important to ask a Doctor if that’s right for you, since it isn’t good for everyone.

When using the magic sauce daily, stir it, and add equal amounts of the sauce with olive oil. I use 1/2 a teaspoon of each.

Other then that, feel free to add this to anything you want turmeric flavor in. It will keep it’s probiotic benefits if you do not cook it, but it’s good to cook with too.

Make a turmeric soda, by adding the desired amount to sparkling water.

Make turmeric nut milk or turmeric garlic sauce.

Use it in salad dressing, hot or cold soups, and more.

Currently, I’m using turmeric from Kauai Organic Turmeric Farm. I am also searching for a more local source in SoCal, so that I can support both. I’m very happy to work with Kauai Organic Turmeric Farm. Visit their website to see the benefits and history of turmeric!