Little Chefs Cooking Club



I thought about what I would have wanted when I was a kid, in terms of learning to cook. My first acting coach, Elisabeth Brooks, had a studio in Sherman Oaks, CA. I took her classes with a couple of my closest friends and met some new friends. She taught us that the most important thing was to have fun! She didn’t get over stressed about our abilities; she allowed that to process in its own time. She inspired us to create and made us feel safe to explore.

From that inspiration, and thinking about what I would’ve appreciated as a kid regarding learning to cook, we come together in the spirit of fun and inspiring each other.

These days we can all acquire a knowledge of cooking through the internet, and the array of recipes online. I provide the time and ingredients for us to come together. Some kids never cooked eggs, and some are winning pie contests!

Food is about connection, and inspiring each other.


I provide this time for kids to truly have fun and connect. I believe that sharing food, and showing kids the variety of things we can do with local vegetables, direct from the farms, can be life changing. I believe that sharing food can be the answer to some of life’s big issues.


I’m not a trained chef. I spent years with an abundance of veggies and connecting to farmers, and decided to do something with all of it. A great problem to have and a big responsibility. I learned to cook from researching what I wanted, and using the ingredients I had in front of me. If I didn’t make use of all the produce coming my way, via donations and cooking large amounts every day, it was in danger of going to waste. A consistent commitment was necessary.

My goal is also to have guests come to teach something they cook well. As a kid, I used to think about how I wanted to learn how to cook something from every culture, in every part of the world. So many people we know have at least one special dish they do so well, and love to share. Like my friend who does the best Indian, garbanzo bean dish! Or someone who’s a master at rolling dumplings!



Currently, we are not doing weekly sessions, as kids tend to have all kinds of important stuff to do, and classes to take! We come together when the timing and season are right, and enjoy every bit of it! Join my email list so that we can keep in touch!

The price is $30, and we go for about 3 hours. No kid is turned down, and donations are accepted, which can even come in the form of something from your garden!

Email Kali at or call or text 310-948-0123

May we all be inspired to create, share, and enliven, connecting us to our hearts and health.