Little Chefs~ Chicken Pot Pie

I look forward to our Wednesday class every week. We have so much fun, and I’m amazed by each of my kid friends.

We made a chicken pot pie, inspired by this recipe, by SkinnyGirlsandMayo.

I made the crust in advance because it needs to be refrigerated for at least an hour. Even with that preparation, our class went on a little longer then usual.

We used chicken thighs instead of breasts, and no peas or cheese. The veggies we used were, potatoes, white carrots, broccoli, and sunchokes. I gave them the option of using oyster mushrooms, but most kids have a tendency to say no to mushrooms!

Tallulah said she loved rosemary with chicken, and went out to the garden to pick rosemary. We also used thyme.

The kids wanted to look up music on youtube to play, which distracted them a little. So, I reminded them that there was magic happening in the kitchen, and we all need to stir the filling together and put happy thoughts in the pot. They came right in and made some magic in the kitchen.

When the filling was cooling down, we went down to the “kiwi gazebo”, as we call it, which is the bottom area of our yard. We did some improv skits, and talked about our plans to make lunch for the Parents down there. The kids even helped me sweep the leaves.

We put the filling in the crust a little early because we were short on time, but it worked out fine.


Kayla and Louella, sealing the dough! Oceana stepped in to press a fork around the edges, she said it would seal it better and be pretty.

We did an egg wash for the top of the dough and put it in the oven at 4oo degrees. 25 degrees less then the recipe said because we used glass baking dishes.

While the pie was baking we stretched in a circle and talked about Halloween costumes, and stuff at school.

We were a little rushed when it came to seasoning the filling, and making sure there was enough salt. Our last class, we had more time for that, with our heirloom tomato soup.

The pie was ready in 35 minutes, and we only missed one hole in the dough! Time to clean the oven!


Dough Recipe

This recipe was enough for one pie with a top crust layer. It made the crust nice and thin, I loved it. I pulled the dough into two even pieces and rolled them separately.

Pie Filling

We followed the steps in this recipe, and used some other vegetables.

I’m working on a playlist for them, with the list of songs I can see they looked up, so that there will be no more computer distractions.

Little Chefs-Heirloom Tomato Soup

For our latest class we wanted to make heirloom tomato soup!

Sasha and I made some salad with homemade dressing, and tea before the others arrived. Nice to have a healthy snack after school, before we start cooking. We used the borscht pickled eggs I made last week.

We decided as a team, that we would roast the tomatoes.


We cut put a garlic in the center to roast with it, and drizzled the oil.

We picked purple basil in the garden, and chose some spices from the spice rack that we wanted to try.

We took a break to stretch and play a little piano.


Then we had lots of fun coming up with the flavor we wanted. We pureed the roasted tomatoes and garlic, in the vitamix, with purple basil, and organic cream.

Tallulah said, “Add enough cream until it turns salmon color!” We did, it was just right, but the flavor wasn’t there yet.

We decided to stir fry some onions with the seasoning and blend that in. It was getting better. We also made a music video while chopping onions and garlic.

Then we each took a little bowl, for each of us, and did our own seasoning in each bowl, tasting each others creations, until we came up with how much seasoning we wanted, and which ones.

We added more salt, cumin, olive oil, rice vinegar, and dill to the vitamix. Tasted it and added more until it was delicious!! While I was cleaning, they came up with this beautiful display!


They put these cows in every picture.



Heirloom tomatoes, garlic, onions, dill, cumin, sea salt, a little black pepper, olive oil, seasoned rice vinegar, cream, fresh basil.

Using What’s in Season

For 6 years I’ve sourced directly from the best SoCal farmers. Every week, I decide what goes into our farm box for our supporters in Los Angeles. As the box changes, my soups change.

Making soups is another way I support local farms. With the fun of picking out ingredients that are in season, I get into a magical, creative, soup journey that’s different each time. And I get to feed people healthy stuff.