Hypnosis Sessions: I specialize in helping Women strengthen their healthy boundaries. I also specialize in helping people eat healthier. Sit back, relax, and let your sub-conscious soak in the suggestions and imagery that you are consciously choosing to create. It will help you get there faster.

Personalized Soups and Broths~ You know what’s best for you, and your nutritionist, herbal Doctor, Acupuncturist, etc, might have suggestions of herbs and vegetables that you need most! That’s why it’s always best to have food made for you. I can work with your specific needs and flavor preferences! 1 case of 12 for vegetable broth is $192, on average, unless there is a special herb you need that costs more. The broth is canned and able to be stored for a year, if stored properly. A case of 12, for a personalized soup in 16 ounce freezable glass jars, starts at $144. I can also freeze soups in bigger jars.



Working with Kids~ I work one on one or in groups with kids to help them have fun eating healthy, learn, and try new things.




Bulk Soups for Cafes, Markets, or Restaurants to be sold fresh~ Contact me for pricing on fresh, seasonal soups, sold by the gallon.




Events~ Contact for cooking for events, school fundraisers, or pop up dinners.