Artisanal soups, made with the highest  quality, seasonal, fresh ingredients. Veggies are hand picked through direct connections with local farms. Soups are one of the healthiest things we can do for our bodies. My soups are made with the freshest, most alive ingredients, direct from farms who are passionate.


The farms are certified organic, biodynamic, or sustainable.

Some things that are used for medicinal teas, are tastier in broths or soups. For example nettles, chaga mushroom, suma root, fig leaves, and many more.

To order for weekly deliveries go to You can place an add on delivery order to go with a farm box delivery, or subscribe to only get soups. Delivery cost is only $5, so add a few soups, and the delivery is the same!

Soups are also available fresh for pick up at Mimosa Cafe in Topanga, CA, and in the frozen section of the Country Natural Food Store in Topanga.

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Okinawa purple sweet potato soup with jujube broth. Crispy sunchokes and turmeric, purple flowering kale, purple Long beans, purple okra, and organic pastures raw whip cream.


Roasted Heirloom Tomato Soup with Roasted Carrot, pulsed with fresh basil and freshly squeezed key limes. With my secret sauce (rosemary dream cream).

Chocolate mole soup with whipped cream an chipotle powder.


(Japanese Sweet Potato Soup topped with pickled daikon radish.)


(Veggies with roasted rainbow carrots, and chaga mushroom powder)

purple cauliflower soup

(Purple Cauliflower and candy beet pureed soup.)


Pureed asparagus and leek soup with roasted asparagus tips.


Winter Soup. Layer of kuri squash puree with chili powder, and sweet potato with cacao. Topped with honey glazed orange peel, and chopped sautéed almonds in chili powder and olive oil.


St. Patricks Day broccoli soup with green tea matcha powder.



Beet Kvass. Fermented probiotic beverage.
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