Soups & Broths

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The highest quality, seasonal, and freshest produce for my soups and sipping broths are sourced directly by me from local, organic, sustainable or biodynamic farms! Flavors change with the seasons and availability of unique crops. We do not use plastic.

Our mission is to support small, local, organic farms and Soup Sorceress is proud to offer products where each small batch is seasonal and varies every time. We don’t have to outsource an ingredient elsewhere if they don’t have a vegetable we want. We simply ask what they do have for us and use that in abundance. Just like when we support a CSA farm!

Soup Sorceress products are sold at Erewhon in Calabasas, Follow Your Heart, Cafe Mimosa in Topanga, and The Country Natural Store in Topanga. If you’re interested in having Soup Sorceress available at your store, please contact Kali, 310-948-0123,

Update: Due to the current demand we are currently only selling at Erewhon in Calabasas and look forward to arriving back on more shelves soon!

Vegetable Broths: Vegetable broth might be the healthiest drink we can have! You can drink it cold or warm. Some things that are used for medicinal teas are tastier in broths or soups. For example nettles, reishi, chaga mushroom, suma root, fig leaves, and many more. Vegetable broths are gut healing, soul enriching, and full of essential minerals!

I chose to do flavored vegetable broths instead of bone broths, simply because it felt better to me. I’m not making any particular stance on what people choose to use. We all have different health concepts, and desires. Anyone can enjoy them, whether vegan or not! 🙂 Plus, it gives me the ability to add more elements than what bone broth has. More ingredients like seaweed, medicinal mushrooms, potent herbs, lots of veggies, etc.

  I find the best farmers, and sources, and continually improve on it. Every sip is intended to sooth our heart and soul.

Flavors change often based on what’s in season and what’s inspired. Here are the most popular ones that I rotate often. I developed these flavors over time, going through my own emotional journey, concocting flavors to serve our highest good. Each one has a story.

  • Strength: W/ Nettles
  • Soothing: W/ Jujube
  • Lovable: Lovage and Lavender.
  • Cleansing: Shiitake and Sage
  • Happiness: W/ Shiitake and Basil
  • Immunity & Intuition: W/ Wood Ear Mushroom and Rosemary (or lavender when in season)

Vegan Soups are available for delivery through Earth Matterz, a local CSA I run in LA.

If you’re interested in supporting our local, small, organic farms, and carrying my soups and broths for your store, please contact me at 310-948-0123 or email, 

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