Soups & Broths

Our soups and sipping broths are sourced directly from local, organic, sustainable or biodynamic farms! Flavors change with the seasons and availability of unique crops. Soup Sorceress is proud to offer products where each small batch varies every time, and is intended for our emotional well being.

Vegetable Broths are gut healing, soul enriching, and full of essential minerals! I use a variety of unique herbs and vegetables, and medicinal mushrooms.

Flavors change often based on what’s in season and what’s inspired. I developed these flavors over time, going through my own emotional journey. Each flavor has a story.

  • Strength: W/ Nettles
  • Soothing: W/ Jujube
  • Lovable: Lovage and Lavender.
  • Cleansing: Shiitake and Sage
  • Happiness: W/ Shiitake and Basil
  • Immunity & Intuition: W/ Wood Ear Mushroom and Rosemary (or lavender when in season)

Vegan Soups and Broths are available for delivery through Earth Matterz, a local CSA I run in LA. I’m currently exclusively selling direct to my customers. I have sold in the markets, Erewhon in Calabasas, and follow Your Heart.

If you’re interested in supporting our local, small, organic farms, and carrying my soups and broths for your store, please contact me at 310-948-0123 or email, 

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